Monday, April 16, 2012

Art Cave, Clothing Explosions and Rogue Recipes

Once again its been too long since I last posted. Since I've been gone, some good artsy things have happened, which is good considering my last post. I have successfully designed my JAFAX and Youmacon cosplay costumes, though its still up in the air about even going to the latter (which I giggle about because my husband calls it YummyCons and I find it intensely adorable).

Here's the JAFAX design. I'm still nervous about cosplaying as Fluttershy from, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as she's graceful and I trip over air. But hopefully I can pull it off, even if I have to sit most of the time.

The pink under skirt will be everyone's favorite bridal decoration, tulle. I plan to also have pink and white striped stockings and arm warmers as well as pink lolita shoes whose bows will also become butterflies. Top it off with a baby pink wig (yay Arda wigs!) and a "saddle bag" and I'm ready to go care for the animals!

Next is a bit of a bold one for me.

I've never cosplayed a perv before so Youmacon might get interesting with me as FemJiraiya. The challenge with this one is getting the wig to look right. I may have to take some artistic liberties with that one...

Also up now is a personal piece of artwork I completed recently.

This is a semi-cartoony version of what my uterus looks like. I lost my right ovary and Fallopian tube  back in June of 2006 because I had 15 pound ovarian cyst that had formed around them. Yes, 15 pounds. There were a pair of twin boys born to a couple at our church born a few days before my surgery and their weight combine was less than that and they were big for twins. Up until recently, while I'd accepted this as my reality, I wasn't okay with it. I painted this to celebrate Lefty and me being okay without her sister. Yay!

These were not drawn without some insane opposition though. I've been trying to go through the massive piles of clothes my husband and I own while also trying to make an art cave for myself as the wonderful Karmada suggested. The good news is that I've made the art cave, the clothing explosion is under control and I found some rogue recipes as a nice bonus. Yay productivity and tasty food!