Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Weekend's Turning Point

What does our friends' wedding, alone time with my hubby and a four day old baby girl have in common?

I'll tell you. They were a catalyst for some major changes in my life. The wedding was last Friday and it reminded me of how amazing it was to get married to my best friend in the entire world, and kinda' led to the second part which I will not go into here. *Ahem*

So anyway, the four day old baby in question is my cousin's newest daughter, whom I will be referring to as Little Bean (her older sister, who may be mentioned in later posts will be known was Tiny Girl). She's nine days old as of today, but I held her when she was only four days old. She's the youngest baby I've ever held and so tiny. I could not believe it though she was asleep in my arms for so long, much longer than Tiny Girl let me hold her when I first went to see her. My hubby could not believe it either though he didn't hold her because "her warranty isn't up yet". I don't know when that will be but still, Little Bean was just that. Some how, Bean bestowed me with a different passion for having my own babies than I had before.

You see, since my hubby and I got hitched New Years Day 2010, I've been obsessing over having babies. It's been mild, its' been downright ugly and always distracting. My latest bout has even killed my desire to draw. But there was something about these three events that molded that obsession into what it should be. God is seriously awesome in the way He works things for my good. I'm even starting to see how I can channel this passion into more art. While I still need to work on my stories, I have some new ideas. Hopefully I can have them up some time soon!

And now I leave you with something horrifying I just recently unearthed from my reams of older art work:
This was for a Humorous Illustration class but I really wonder what I was on when I came up with this.

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