Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Pony Fun!

I couldn't just leave it at the Courtship series.

First up is the lovely Rarity, as portrayed by my friend Eilatan.

Rarity doing a Mary Poppins impression

Doesn't she look lovely, darling?

Stay away from Tom if you value your life

Next our fabulous DJ, Vinyl Scratch as portrayed by my friend Sehtah.

Working on the mix for our next adventure

You know she's is the awesome

Yay Dark Side of the Moon!

And more Big Mac, because he's portrayed by my husband and is adorable!

He kissed my forehead a lot. I liked it!

He couldn't be happier with Smarty Pants

Caught mid- Eeyup

And finally a funny group picture!

The best part of this picture is Big Mac's face

So as you can see, despite all my costume woes, we still had a lot of fun. My husband and my friends looked fabulous. I still wish I looked as fabulous but it was still great. Later I'll post the other picture series I call " On Stage".

Bye bye all!

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