Thursday, November 8, 2012

Artist Media Revelations

*** Warning: This post contains a little bit of drawn/painted nudity in the form of a man chest and the back of a nude woman, so there's a butt shot. These were meant simply as anatomy practice, but its not for little ones or those who would be offended by this. ***

Hello all!

I wander around the internet a lot, usually to things on Pinterest or links from the blogs I read. I'm also trying to find new ways to improve my art process. And that's when I discovered that I actually like watercolors. 

For years I belittled watercolors as something you used if you couldn't afford other paints. I didn't mean to be like that, I just hadn't seen how beautiful watercolor could be with the work I already do. Pinterest is full of art like that. I have been humbled. 

And then I remembered I still had some watercolor sets from high school and I went crazy! I think I'll be incorporating watercolor into my sketch process more often.

This one looks better in the sketchbook. Less bruised...
She's the best one I did. And the first. I'm not sure I improved or not.

This was the last of my face studies. I think I was getting tired because she's way messier than I'd normally let happen. By the way, this is my character Firestorm.
This is Ayseirah.  I did her before Firestorm and she was turning out really well until I did the hair behind her face. Don't get your paper too wet...
Here's my character, Lark. I'm bummed the picture turned out really blurry because she is the best one of the bunch, especially since she has white hair. The blue worked perfectly as the shade color.

This is Laine. I'm most proud of her because she's not a dark brunette like most of my lead females and it worked fabulously.

Yay Meira has green eyes! She was the first one face I painted. I really struggled with her hair when I drew it and then again when I painted it. Curse you fauxhawks!

This is my Fluttershy cosplay redesign in color. Unfortunately, the color was eaten by the digital process.

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