Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doing the Pandora Boogy

I'm currently in the post-workout-desperate-for-a-nap phase of my day, listening to Coldplay' Clocks on Pandora and having a good laugh at myself.

Why, you ask? Because once again I over complicated something stupidly simple.

Since starting this blog, I've tried various methods of exercise in my weight loss journey with limited success. I've used WiiFit in various capacities, but I'd get either bored out my skull or my body would resent the repetition . I've done prenatal yoga, only to find out that the very not pregnant me could only manage the routine if I used the third trimester mods. That was a bit discouraging. Then I tried the Leslie Sansone walking at home DVD I've mentioned before with similar results to the WiiFit due to repetition. Feeling discouraged that these methods didn't work for me, I took to just at-home walking while reading blogs and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Yet once again, the repetitive motion got me.

So once again I had to rethink my "weekdaily" workout. I figured my best bet was to just turn on some music and dance like a weirdo. Nothing fancy, just moving in a way that was relatively comfortable and could be changed whenever a particular move wasn't working anymore.

And yet I over complicated that too. I tried using the enormous iTune collection my husband and I share and spent most of the time hitting the Next button because a lot of the music either didn't work for a workout or were more my husband's music than mine so I didn't feel like listening (he has very eclectic tastes, mine are a bit more narrow). So then I turned to Pandora's workout stations and it was the same thing.

Why on earth didn't I just use one of my own stations? That's what I FINALLY did and I couldn't be happier. I'm embarrassed it took this long to get to that point. It was no longer a drudgery of repetition, there was no WiiFit disembodied voices yelling at me to more securely stuff the Wiimote into my workout pants (no pockets!) and no excessive button-pushing. And while my body is still screaming for nap time, I don't feel like I need to be put out of my misery. I should have known I'd do better with limited structure yet I stubbornly refused to go with my gut (and feet) on this issue.

Just one more reason I was once nicknamed "The Mule".

It may have also been this:

Brought to you by Humor Train

And now I leave you to go play catch-up on my Bible reading. It's not even a month in and this is the third catch-up...please pray for me to have more discipline in this.

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