Saturday, January 19, 2013

Way Too Many Goals

Hello Internet Peeps!

As I said in the previous post, I've been working on my goals for 2013. The list went from sane to impossible before I knew what hit me. I'll be doing a lot of trimming but I figure I'll share it anyway with some comments/snide remarks about how some of the goals have been progressing.

Spiritual Goals:
 - Read the Bible in a year ( This one has been off to a rocky start. My mother has been sick so she has been sleeping in the living room, where I usually do my quiet time. It's really hard for quiet time to be quiet when my mom feels talkative).
- Memorize two verse a month (gotta be honest, I forgot about this one until just now, as I type this!)
- Pray the Spiritual Discipline Prayer as often as possible (once a day)
- Pray for my LIFE group, one couple/person per day
- Pray for my husband and a selected family member every day

Homesteading Goals:
- Start a small project each month (in no particular order)
       ~ Continue Sprouting
       ~ Begin a Sourdough Starter
       ~ Lactofermenation (probably cabbage)
       ~ Crockpot yogurt making
       ~ Grain/nut/legume soaking
       ~ Indoor herb/microgreen growing
       ~ Sock knitting
       ~ Composting (find a bin regardless of garden status)
       ~ Sewing functional clothing (only made cosplay costumes thus far)
       ~ Tincture brewing (for lack of a better term)
       ~ Kombucha brewing
       ~ Kefir making (both milk and water)
       Bonus: Make a 5 gallon or bigger bucket washing machine

- Fully Research these subjects:
      ~ Raising Chickens (layers and meat birds)
      ~ Raising Goats (Read the Storey Guide so far. It was a little intimidating)
      ~ Raising Sheep, Llama or Alpacas
      ~ Raising Dairy Cows ( I REALLY want a mini Jersey!)
      ~ Gray water safety and how to used a backyard wetland to filter it for garden use

Real Food Goals:
- Cut White/Brown Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and artificial sweetners from at least my diet, preferably everyone's diet, by June.
- Source a hand-crank grain mill
- Source grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pastured eggs and price them by January 31st
- Try out a few farmers markets and road side stands in season
- Determine if the local year-around market is worth the drive into down town
- Avoid soy products that have not been properly handled (so pretty much all of it that's in a store, including in packaged food, some of the worst offenders)
- Work meal plans so weekend meals are covered by March
- Make bone broth at least once a month (source the best chicken possible at this time)
- Try liver by June (Just me for now, though my husband eating it too would be nice)

Health Goals:
- Stop taking that darn birth control pill by March, for the sake of my continuing health ( it has not treated me well, and research indicates they are rather terrible for fertility and the chance of getting certain cancers)
- Try to lose a much weight as possible January through March. If nothing seems to be happening, speak with my practitioner about this issue.
- Get back into some basic hygiene habits (college reeked havoc on my teeth-brushing habit!)
- Start using herbal tinctures as supplements by June
- Pay off the remaining medical debts so the check ups are possible.
- Eliminate soda for life by June-July
- Keep a weight loss journal through March

Creative Goals:
- Drawing
   ~ Draw every day
   ~ Set up a monthly schedule with one male drawing and one perspective drawing per week 

- Comics
   ~ Finish Planning stages of Lark Song by May
   ~ Start Script for Lark Song May- December
   ~ Work out layouts along side script
   ~ Set up Kickstarter by December

- Cosplay
   ~ Revamp Fluttershy by March 15th
   ~ Make a concrete plan for future cosplay by March 30th
   ~ Improve prop construction for JAFAX 2013
   ~ Along side the cosplay plan, make a "parts of costume and materials" list
   ~ Learn shoe covering

- Fanfiction
  ~ Pare down list of stories to ones I actually care about
  ~ Finish Eva outline by June
  ~ Finish Eva writing by December

- Sewing and knitting
  ~ Sew two projects a month
  ~ Finish the baby blanket by December

Decluttering Goals:
- Reduce my person possessions by half by June
- Assess my "save for kids" items and save only what I really want for them
- Read through book collection and give away the ones I don't want to keep.
- Make paper crane chains and branch so the bin can be used for storage
- Separate clothes into Keep, Donate, Repair/ Repurpose, and Rag Bag categories

Weight Loss Goal:
-  Lose 1-2 pounds a week to get as close to 170 pounds by December, unless pregnancy occurs.

So yeah, that's clearly a crap ton of goals. I'm sure many will not be attainable this year, but I will do the best I can and roll over the good ones that I don't finish for 2014. What kind of goals do you have?

On a less list-heavy note, here's a part of the first full piece I've done with my new Wacom Bamboo Create tablet.

Best picture of Lithium I've done yet!
Bai Bai Buu!


  1. WOW what a great list! I'm starting to think making one of these might be a good idea...

  2. Thanks ^_^ At the very least, making a list like this has helped me realize some of my priorities in certain areas. I totally recommend it! If you do write up one, please share it.

  3. Just discovered your blog, Raze! That is a HUGE list! O.o

    Also... Thoughts on ShutoCon yet?

  4. Ha ha just found this now that I replied to you on fB. Derp! So I guess look there for the answer on ShutoCon.

    It is a bit large isn't it?