Thursday, May 3, 2012

And I wonder...

I'm thinking I'm having one of those "why in the world did I decide to start a blog?" days. I know it takes awhile to build up a readership. Not surprise there. I'm just wondering if people are actually reading this or are they just wandering here through a search for something completely different. If I'm not careful, this is going to get whiny so I won't dwell on this too very much. My big question is, how am I getting so many page views from Russia on this blog and my other one, Lunar Dreams? Maybe that's just how Russian searches roll.

No news on the status of my graphics tablet yet. I'm not sure my husband has looked at it since he noticed I put in on the wire rack next to his side of the bed. That's fine though. He works epically hard so I don't have to. I miss my tablet though, as I haven't been feeling well lately and being able to work on the painting I posted about last time would be really nice.

Not much else to say except that I'm hoping I can gain a readership soon!

I'll leave you with this:
Gary Oldman is the only Dracula in my heart.


  1. When it comes to building readership I hear that it takes a while. :)

    The best advice I've heard is to just keep blogging and eventually people will come. It also helps to advertise on things like Deviant Art or business cards if you want it to be in relation to your artwork n the like.

    I read them! :D

    I hope your tablet gets healed soon.

  2. I was hearing much the same thing. Still boggles my mind how a portion of my readership thus far is from Russia.

    I'm going to need to better with with dA account then.

    I'm glad you read my posts and my tablet thanks you for the well-wishes. ^_^