Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thwarting Awesomeness

Have you ever been working on something with the potential for major Awesome and then something horrible happens that prevents you from working on it?

Here is the my potential awesome:

It was going to be amazing. I've never tried to color my work while omitting the lines before and was therefor stoked that it seemed to be working well. But now I'm stuck at this point, with Lark halfway colored and nude, while Alfa(on the left) and Drew (on the right, as you probably deduced) remain sea foam green and some strange orange-brown.

So what happened that stopped the awesome from become more so? The cord to my graphic tablet shorted out. The only reason I didn't cry hysterically is because it isn't a lost cause. My husband is going to see what he can do about it, and I plan on reinforcing it with embroidery floss, which also prevents tangling. It also looks pretty but that's not the point. Hopefully, my magic man can fix it any will be back in awesome business. But for now, I'll look for references and resources while "watching" episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

While I'm waiting, I hope I don't go all Mrs. Nesbit on everyone.
But mad props to this guy for dressing up like this

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