Monday, May 7, 2012

There's Kroger Queso in My Art Cave...

As an artist lately I've been pretty self defeating. I have some homework I have yet to even start because its a correspondence course and I can't seem to remember how big a deal this is because its a beginning course. I'm a bit beyond it by now but like most courses like this, you can't move on until you've done first one. ~sigh~ I have half a mind to send a decent piece of older work. Maybe I should. I haven't the foggiest idea at this point. But I am determined to turn it in today.

Some of my problem right now is that my art cave has been invaded by all kinds of things, some mine, some my husband's despite the fact that he has quite a bit of space for his things. And then there's the two empty jars that used to be Krogers Monterey Jack Queso Dip. Why they are in front of my Mac, I don't know. It's definitely a better place than where they were, on my husband's nightstand where he would knock them over trying to grab his glasses. But why on my desk?

If you haven't guessed already, my husband and I are chronically disorganized and have some mild hoarding tendencies. I've been trying to get rid of things forever and he tells me I should save it. Sometimes its the other way around, but more likely I'm guilty of enabling him to get more stuff. Just to make things crazier, our roommate is much the same way. She has us working on it since we'd like to move someday soon and we don't want to drag all this junk with us.

My biggest problem in this anticlutter campaign is that most of my stuff has huge sentimental value. I have excellent long term memory so I can remember how and when I received something with ease. And that's usually attached to fond memories. I'm trying to be ruthless about some things like the countless boxes of really weird things. But its rough, especially because my creative side comes up with ideas of how to use the weird things again.

For example, I still have hundreds of paper cranes left from my wedding back in 2010. I'm planning on turning them into wall art piece, but for now they're all sitting a bin in the basement along with some huge rectangular vases and my bludgeoning club of a bouquet.

My Bludgeoning Club Bouquet

Me with Bouquet for size reference. And yes I was trying to crane kick despite the dress and bloomers.

Pray for me or send good vibes to help me get this insanity under control! Whichever is your thing.

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