Friday, May 11, 2012

Wysp Got Me Thinking

I've recently joined an art community called Wysp ( as it is more about the artistic journey than the popularity contest that deviantart can be. I was surprised to see that part of the account set up is a mini-interview so you can give other wyspers an idea of what you are about. The second question was "Where do you want your journey to lead you?". I answered it pretty generically, stating how I'd like to be published and I want to use my creativity in homeschooling my future kids.

While this is very true, its not all. I seemed to have purposely left out one of my biggest places I want my journey to take me. It's part of the being published bit. But it's the main reason I want to be. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe he died for me so that my sins would no longer be counted against me and so bridged the gap between God and I. I want my comics to reflect this. I want the women who star in my work to represent Jesus to comic readers. This is something that others have tried to do, but the comics were confined to comic versions of Bible passages and woefully terrible piece of drivel that was well-meaning but the lack of in-depth characters and immature art made most of this work laughable.

I want to change this. I want Christians to have accurate representation in the comic world in compelling way that effects people rather than making them laugh. Comics are a mature medium that should be used to tackle difficult subjects, not cliche' teen angst or cheesy Christian-ish superheroes. While I freely admit that this isn't everything there is to offer out there, its kinda' a sad section of literature.

I am ashamed that I didn't have the guts to state this before. All my reasons for not doing so seem pretty ridiculous now because this is who I am. I shouldn't be ashamed of it.

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