Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frustrations Abound!

Today I discovered that my tablet wasn't loading correctly or whatever it is that it does to do its job and that's why I've been having such a hassle with SmoothDraw. I thought I was losing my mind because it wasn't registering ANY pressure sensitivity. Until today and I nearly cried. It's frustrating since Bram from the previous post would have turned out sooooo much better than he did if that had been working. And now I can sketch like a normal person with good software than a derp with Paint and a mouse. HUZZAH!

Funny, I once read a book that included how to start a good blog in connection with an Esty account. I seem to be breaking most of this guy's rules. Oh well, this my blog, not his. So meh! I do hope I get a comment soon. Of course it would help if I'd actually remember to add labels to my posts. Derp to me.

On a better note, I'm working on very late Christmas gifts for two of my friends. They are going to Onigiri versions of a couple of their Muses. It's taken this long for me to recover from making stuffed critters for a bunch of my family for Christmas. Just so you know, if you add stripes to a bee plushy, use stabilizer or else they will slip and you will want to shoot yourself as you undo everything.

And for more fun, here's a peek at something I hope to sell at JAFAX this year.
Hi I'm Keiko and I'm a Kitsune. Rawr!

I'm hoping Keiko here ends up at the very least at sticker. I'm so very nervous to start selling things. I have this huge fear that my style won't attract any buyers and I'll have a crap ton of product just sitting at home taking up space. Aw heck, at least she's cute so I wouldn't mind having leftovers. But I would like to sell at least some of it. I've got to be more confident about this. There's got to be someone who'd like to take a Keiko sticker home. Hopefully, that person (and maybe more) goes to JAFAX.


  1. If I make it up to JAFAX this year (I might be able to at least visit) I'll have to come say hi if you get a booth! :D (I don't know where they're at in their registration processes)

  2. I hope you do make it! I'm kinda geeked about it ^_^