Friday, March 30, 2012

Organization vs. Creation: My On-Going Dillema

Lately, since my husband and I bought laptops, its been a race for me to organize my creative tools for optimum workflow. Yet it never seems to end. Anyone else have this problem? It's like every time I sit down to actually work on something, there's a zillion things vying for my attention at that moment. Somethings are at least related while somethings are completely not, like playing Green Farm. Seriously, why did I do this to myself?

The organization things are good, just not what I want to achieve. I have at least one cosplay costume to design and start making (which I'm terrified of since I've never made one from the ground up before.  I've always had pre-existing clothing items as a base). I have JAFAX images to work on even though I'm not sure if its filled up by now. Gotta' check with my friend who was doing the registration. -bangs head on wall- Not to mention I'm trying to lose weight, but there's the annoying little voice that keeps telling me 12 minutes is too long, which is stupid so it tries to justify its stupidity by say I could be working on creative endeavors instead.

Since I have no work to show you, here's something funny from
CommanderKruge's submission to the 23 Tiny Changes the Would've Changed Good Ideads into Disaster Slideshow
Kind of terrifying.


  1. *comforts *

    I completely understand. What I do is I sit down to work, then suddenly all the stuff I wanted to do pops into my head, and I realize how long it will take me to draw a picture, then go "oh I'll never get it done" and then the day is gone cause I spent it all worrying about doing things. :-/

    I've found that I work best if I make myself a little 'art cave' and work where I'm most comfortable (with a table). I also employ headphones, even if i'm alone - it immerses me in the music and I just go to town.

    *cheers you on *

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in my artistic ADD. I'm thinking I need to make an art cave myself. Thanks for the idea and I hope yours serves you well ^_^